Redefining Supermom

Ep. 7 - Understanding Your Worth and Owning Your Power

October 30, 2021 Lynn Turcotte-Schuh, Nicholle Overkamp Season 1 Episode 7
Redefining Supermom
Ep. 7 - Understanding Your Worth and Owning Your Power
Show Notes

“Can you place a monetary value on a person, event or experience that you love and cherish?” Of course not! This is a question from our guest this week...and it’s just one of many truth bombs being dropped in this episode. 

Our guest this week is Nicholle Overkamp from Wilcox Financial Group and PowHerHouse Money Coaching. Today we are chatting about harnessing our power, understanding our worth and disconnecting our value from how much money we bring into our family.

Do you think that you are not deserving of “things” because you are not bringing money, or much money, into your family finances. Nicholle helps us understand that, as Mamas, we are REALLY:

Teachers: $60K
Chefs = $60K
Housekeepers = $30K
Personal Assistants = $35K
Nannies = $50K 
And more!

Not only are you the heartbeat of your family, but you are SAVING your family hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. You have EVERY right to be a voice and decision maker in your family’s just have to believe. Mama...You are amazing. You are worthy. You are valuable.

If this inspiration isn't enough, Nicholle shares some practical applications that are GOLD about how to have conversations around money and how to bring a team mentality into family finances.

Nicholle Overkamp is a business coach and wealth advisor whose purpose in life is empowering smart, ambitious babes to Own Your Future

Whether it’s helping with personal money goals or taking business to the next level, Nicholle's got you! With over 10 years of business experience building Wilcox Financial Group from the ground up, she's walked in your shoes and has the scars to show it.

Here's how to connect with Nicholle:

Website: PowHerHouse Money Coaching
Instagram: @powherhousemoney